Whether you simply donate to the school or participate in one of our annal fundraisers, your gift goes a long way toward furthering a child’s education. Thank you!


Pre-School Walk-a-Thon

CCS pre-school students will walk around the school parking lot, just as cute as ever, to raise funds to support operating the pre-school.

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CCS Community Service Project

To honor and say “Thank you!” to those who’ve served in the military, CCS and LCC volunteers will completely remodel the patio area at the Veteran’s Memorial Hall on Yuba St. in Redding. This fundraising project will honor our veterans and help improve and maintain excellence in education at CCS.  Veterans from our families will join together for a patriotic program and lunch to celebrate and honor the veterans among us on June 1, 2018. Our students and staff will serve the lunch and provide entertainment. 

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General Donations

Country Christian School and Pre-School continually strive to improve and maintain the quality of education your students receive.  Donations from family, friends, and other benefactors help accomplish this goal and help provide assistance for those who otherwise could not afford to attend.

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